Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Boating on the Lake at 1000 Hills Park

 On Saturday August 20th we drove to   Thousand Hills State Park which is a popular site among Kirksville residents and Truman State University students alike. Located off of State Highway 157, the park offers plenty of activities for those seeking to enjoy nature including camping and hiking, plus options like boating and fishing on Forest Lake through the marina. This beautiful area is about a 15 minute ride from Aria and Daniele's home.

 Aria treated us all to a lovely one hour boat ride on the lake.

 The young woman on the left looked familiar. Jocelyn asked if she worked downtown in Kirksville. She said no but then we remembered she was one of the eight passengers with us on the little Cape Air plane we took from St. Louis.  Turns out she was our tour guide on the boat ride at a Thousand Lakes.  Her name is Emily.

Everyone has to wear these cumbersome  life jackets. 

 Sofia wasn't too happy about her big jacket!

 The current craze around the country is a virtual game in which people look for pokemon. Here in Kirksville people paint rocks and place them in different places. If you find a rock you take a picture of it, post it on some website and then move the rock and place it somewhere else. We found one!

 A very pretty restaurant overlooks the lake.  We ate our lunch here.

 Thousand Hills is located at 20431 State Highway 157,   just south of Highway 6 on the northwest end of Kirksville.  The marina offers boat rentals including paddle boats, canoes, kayaks, pontoon boats, fishing boats, and ski boats. Cabins are available to rent and there are plenty of beautiful hiking trails.  Located on Forest Lake, there is easy access for all types of recreational activities for the whole family. Rock formations containing historic Native American carvings can be found in a sheltered exhibit. Visitors can walk on a path along the shelter walls to read information about the petroglyphs and then match up their symbols on the rocks below.

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