Sunday, July 31, 2016

A Lazy Summer Day

"Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability." -Sam Keen

Saturday, July 30, 2016

A Mini Family Reunion

We had a nice family party this past Thursday since my cousin Bob and his wife Jean were in town from San Francisco to spend some time with his daughter Kira, her husband Aaron and their almost 2 year old son Kian visiting from New York City. 

 Kira and Aaron
 My cousin Lisa and her husband Greg hosted a mid week party in their Pacific Palisades home. It was a lovely, hot summer day made so pleasant by spending time with family. 

 We drove on Pacific Coast highway to arrive in Pacific Palisades where the party was being held mid day.

 Lisa has a gardening business. Her yard is overflowing with beautiful green plants

Cousins  Kira and Nancy
 Cousin Jean busy in the kitchen

 Cousins Barb and Bob

 The private quiet garden felt like a hidden treasure...

 Lisa and Greg's children Orsen (a senior at Palisades High) and Emma (13 yrs. and incoming Freshman at Pali High).

 There are  beautiful plants and trees everywhere in the garden

 Lots of time to munch on goodies, drink Hawaiian beer and Margaritas and catch up

 Tamales, spanish rice, mexican corn salad, pico de gallo salsa, chips and guacamole

Green chili pork stew, red and green enchiladas, corn and flour tortillas and a green salad

 chocolate chip cookies, watermelon and tres leches cake
 Still on NYC time Kian woke up after a long afternoon nap and entertained us all with
his sweetness.

 Nancy was teaching him some funny face tricks...

 Then there was fun with bubbles. Emma is such a great helper with Kian.

 More bubble magic

 some time with daddy


A huge thank you to Lisa and Greg for hosting such a wonderful family day. 

Greg and Barb

 Lisa and her dad Bob

 One last group picture...

 What a fun day!
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