Sunday, January 31, 2016

King's Hawaiian Bakery Rendezvous

We were happy to meet up for lunch with my Auntie Marilyn at King's Hawaiian bakery* yesterday.  She loves their fried rice with Cha siu (bbq'd pork).  Mike ordered the Loco Moco and I had the teriyaki beef with rice and potato/macaroni hawaiian style salad.  It was comfort food on a overcast January morning.

I love their baked goodies. Everything looked so tempting. My favorite is the Hawaiian Paradise cake. Nothing is lighter that this cake.  It's a piece of heaven on a plate and by the way you can order a slice of any dessert or take just a slice home. 

All the other cakes are delicious.
I love the chocolate Dobash too!

*King's Hawaiian Bakery and Restaurant
 2808 Sepulveda BlvdTorrance, CA · (310) 530-0050

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Sunday January 24, 2016 Santa Barbara California

Today we started off with a long walk at the beautifully scenic Shoreline Park.

 The ocean views here are stunning

So many people were walking their dogs. I wish I had thought to take photos of all these cute pets.

 We watched the surfers catch some waves

What a lovely place to walk.
  After that we did a first time visit to the Natural History Museum. It was the 100th year anniversary of this museum so admission was free!What great timing. Our lucky day but by the way the museum is well worth paying the $12.00 admission price. We highly recommend a visit here.

  Lots of interactive activities for children. In the hands on childrens area Mike asked if he could make an indian canoe and the instructor there was more than happy to let him. 

 The instructor demonstrates how to make a miniature Indian reed  canoe

 Mike was busy and loving this activity

Always a kid at heart he had a great time making his own canoe. 

 We had fun in the butterfly and insect exhibit. Amazing displays of all kinds of insects.

WE had fun standing inside a "beehive"with all the buzzing sounds included.
There were so many wonderful things to see here. You'll have to go experience it for yourself. 

After a short walk in the wooded area behind the museum we finally headed south.   Made a short stop in the beachside town of Carpinteria for lunch at a Oaxacan restaurant.  Mmmm with tummy's filled we were homeward bound after a quick but fun filled weekend in Santa Barbara.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Adventures in Santa Barbara January 23-24

Since we were in Santa Barbara we decided to make the most of our time there so we really packed it in. We loved walking the neighborhoods and looking at all the buildings downtown. 

The air was crisp and sunny. It was a lovely morning to explore.

  We went into the Santa Barbara Museum of Art and toured the current exhibits.

We took some time to visit the main library where we chanced upon a musical concert set to start in an hour so

 We sat and listened to the performers warm up. A very pleasant chance encounter.

 Since the City Hall has a viewing tower next to the museum we went to the top floor and had a fantastic 360 spectacular view of the city, ocean and mountains nearby. 

 The viewing tower is just above the clock in this photograph.

 It's free. Go to the main lobby and take the elevator to the top viewing tower level.

 We also enjoyed walking down the main street of Santa Barbara which is again filled with shops and restaurants. This is State Street. 

 Then we were off for a quick visit to the Santa Barbara Mission (this was Aria's elementary school mission of choice so that brought back memories). 

 Tomorrow I will post our final day in Santa Barbara.

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