Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Before and After

"Love existed before Heaven and Earth." -Hafiz

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

A Long Travel Day From LAX to Rome

On Tuesday May 30th, 2017 my AirBerlin Flight to Germany was cancelled at LAX and rebooked on British Air to London Heathrow airport.

 I had not been to London Heathrow in years and this was a nice switch despite multiple delays in L.A. and in London. Loved flying British Air.

Killed many hours window shopping at Heathrow

 Finally on my way to Rome

Great row mates. The man on the far left has worked in many American and Italian film building sets and mechanical characters like E.T. and King Kong. He is Italian and began his career in Rome with Dino DeLaurentis. The young man on the right didn't speak English. He was from Brazil.  Lots of fun conversations.

Finally arrived in Rome close to midnight on the 31st of May.

Itinerary Italy summer 2017

In reflecting back to this visit here is what Aria, Daniele, Sofia and I did. It was the summer that Sofia turned 2 years old.

Tuesday May 30th : Barb flys to Rome from LAX
Wednesday May 31:  After long delays Barb arrives in Rome for one night B&B
Thursday June 1 Drive with the kids to Palazzo and check into B & B Pallatium 5:30 pm
Friday June 2 Walk in the woods with the kids and Gianfranco and Giovanna. Daniele's father's 8oth birthday 7:00 pm party
Saturday June 3: Big Party for Domenico
Sunday: June 4: Visit Nicola's farm
Monday June 5: Sofia's 2nd bday big party in Palazzo
Tuesday June 6: Lunch at Rosanna's, Swim at Torturagga
Wednesday June 7 Drive to Alberobello, drive to beach Monopoli Polignano al Mare
Thursday June 8 Leave Alberobello to Ostuni , breakfast open market A.P.E. ride in Ostuni
Friday June 9 Lecce drive to Porto Cesaro
Saturday June 10: Lecce
Sunday June 11: Return to Palazzo
Monday June 12: Castelmazzano Meet Valerie Lunch at Ristorante Al Becco della Civetta
Tuesday June 13 Palazzo Festival di Sant'Antonio, Evening passagiatta
Wednesday June 14 Palazzo lunch at Vita's. Evening passaggiata San Rocco
Thursday June 15 Rome
Friday June 16 fly home

Italy Spring 2017

"You may have
If I may Have
Italy."- Giuseppe Verdi

I flew to Rome on this day May 30th, 2017 to join Aria, Daniele and Sofia for a wonderful adventure in Southern Italy.  The adventure begins.

I'm Taking The Trip!

Doesn't take much to convince me. Flying to Rome today!  Yippee!

Monday, May 29, 2017

A Door Will Open

"And if every way is closed before you,
The secret one will show a secret path no other eyes have seen."

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Family Garage Sale AKA When The Moon Hits Your Eye Like A Big Pizza Pie

My brother's family had a garage sale yesterday. We joined in for some family fun.

I should have bought this poster.  I did buy the jacket. My sister said, "That's not very slimming!" 

I said "I'm buying it for someone else."

Professore Vicente scores a Halloween cap!

My brother bought pizza for everyone. This one is called "The Monster size!" 
 Biggest pizzas I have ever seen.

It's a perfect way to begin "The Endless Summer".

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Finding Your Center

"Learn to be calm and you will always be happy."

Friday, May 26, 2017

Not Just About A Book Club Reads Cathleen's Schine's "They May Not Mean To But They Do"

Our book club met yesterday May 25th at Grounds Bakery in Long Beach.  
We had   Lynda's  grandbaby Oaken as our Mascot for the day.  He was good as gold!

 We read Cathleen Schine's book: 

We first ordered drinks, discussed the book and then ordered lunch.
The conference room worked out great for this size group.

 Lots of great discussion as always.  We also were able to set up the schedule of meetings for the rest of the year. 


See you all in July!

   Next book on deck  is "Last Breath" by Kimberly Belle.

 Happy Summer Reading...

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Girl's Night In Hosted By Lynda

On Tuesday night this week my friend Lynda hosted a Mexican Train night at her home.
We arrived at 6:30. 
Seated: Our hostess with the Mostest Lynda

 Donna and Barb

 Karen and Jo

 Sherri and Maria

 Lynda's table looked so pretty 
She had these cute domino plates for our appetizers

 Jo's stuffed mushrooms
Donna's Asian flavored guacamole

 Lynda had made a great asian themed dinner: lettuce wraps with chicken, beef with brocolli and brown rice, delicious

This was Donna's first time playing Mexican train

 We all have a hard time remembering the rules. It's going to be a challenge to teach Donna!
 Sherri re-reads the rules to us... 


  "I still don't understand." 

 I think more drinks will help!


 Also Pralines will aid our memory of the game. Thanks to Karen who brought these back from New Orleans.
 Now we're talkin'.  Let the games begin!

Time for some dessert.  The old recipe called "The next best thing to Robert Redford" had been renamed "Ryan Gosling" for our "La La Land groupies"

After a night of wonderful food and drink and lots of laughter there is nothing left to do but this -

  You can make all the funny faces you want  Lynda but you are still the hostess with the mostest and the nicest friend to all.  Love you!
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