Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Riding the Rails to Santa Monica

 On April 27th I had planned to meet Mike's relative Rose (from Ohio) who was visiting Santa Monica. I decided rather than drive I would take the metro on another adventure. I had never taken the train on the new Expo line.  First the train stopped in downtown L.A. where I transferred to the Expo line to Santa Monica. 

 I got off the train here and walked a few short blocks to Ocean avenue.
 It took me straight to the Santa Monica Pier.

I then walked a few blocks on Ocean to the Santa Monica Lowe's hotel.

 on the way I passed "Chez Jay's" and this motel. Both are featured places of interest in a t.v. show called "Goliath" with Billy Bob Thornton.  That was fun to pass by. 

 I had never been to this hotel before. The Lobby was full of light and many floors loomed above me.
 I made it and cousin Rose was there to greet me.

 We took a stroll through the lobby which overlooks the Pacific ocean.

 We then had a lovely lunch in the hotel restaurant.

 Such a nice day visiting with Rose. We ended the day with a stroll to the Carousel at the Pier.

 Rose walked me back to the metro station and I was headed for home after a great adventure in Santa Monica.

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