Friday, October 7, 2022

Overcoming Obstacles


 "Our ultimate freedom

is the right and power

to decide how

anybody or anything

outside ourselves will

affect us.

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Happy Birthday Mom


My yearly fond memories of mom endure. How lucky we chose you mom. You were so good to all of us in so many way.

Thinking of you today mom on your birthday and sending you my gratitude and love for all the wonderful lessons you taught me. Through you I learned: kindness, generosity of spirit, and ever enduring love and dedication to family and friends.
"A mountain keeps an echo deep inside.
That's how I hold your voice."
~ Rumi
Above all things my mother held complete and enduring love for her family. Her three children and her four grandchildren were among the fortunate recipients of her endless love.
"Apart from love, everything passes away.
The way to heaven is in your heart. Open and lift the wings of love!"- Rumi


Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Haiku for a Tuesday


Sunrise on my walk
Cactus flowers greet me too
My gifts on this day


Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Not Just About A Book Club Meets Again

 Our book club resumed today after a long, long hiatus.  It was  a wonderful day of reunions, lots of catch up talk and multiple birthday celebrations.  Thank you to our wonderful host Lynda who provided a lovely brunch and a space where friendship, laughter and lots of love abounds. 


Wonderful to see all the book club friends

Marsha on the right was able to join us. She was in town from Fort Worth Texas

We had long awaited celebrating our  September club members birthdays.  We missed the presence of Kathy, Judy and Jeanette today. Still we sang Happy Birthday to Jo and Lynda and had some fun with sparkler candles.


 With all the festive celebrating, eating and drinking we did settle down to discuss the two books we had read.

"The Boys In The Boat" by Daniele James Brown.  Set during the depression years this story focuses on the experiences of Joe Rantz and his teammates on the rowing team at the University of Washington and their quest for the Gold medal at the 1935 Berlin Olympics. The story is beautifully scripted with many lessons on determination, resilience, teamwork, courage and trust. 

 A good contrast to "Boys in the Boat" was  "The Hotel Nantucket"  a light, funny summer read. In this book we follow Lizbet Keaton as she attempts to revive the Hotel Nantucket
back to its glory days of glamor and prosperity.  To this end we are introduced to a  cast of colorful characters that are staff and guests of the hotel. A fun, quick summer read. 


It was a wonderful time to gather together.  After so much time in quarantine and being apart. We are managing bit by bit to resume our normal routines.  Being together with our wonderful friends on days like today we realize how fortunate we all our.  Looking forward to starting our new normal again. 



Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Rocco's 2nd bday Party September 23

 Rocco had just the kind of party he wanted when he turned 2 years old.  Since he loves dinosaurs the best thing his parents could do was have a reptile farmer share her pets at Rocco's party.


Monday, September 26, 2022

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