Friday, June 30, 2017


"Never waste 
an opportunity
to tell someone
you love them."

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Wednesday, June 28, 2017


"BELIEVE you can, 
and You're half way there." -Theodore Roosevelt

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Holidays in Kauai Day 10-Aloha - Last Day

Day 10 April 15th,  our last day here.

We pack up and clean the condo* 

 and say goodbye to the kids

Drive the familiar path by the golf course in Princeville 

 We head south to Lihue.

We read about Mark's place in Lihue and decided to have our last meal on the island  here. Love our plate lunches.

    Alas on our way home.
 This has been a dream vacation.  So many wonderful memories made. Many, many thanks to Athena and Mat for having the brilliant plan to meet up in Kauai,

 and to my husband Mike for making this dream a reality. 

 What amazing days we spent together in this island paradise.
MAHALO "Until we meet again"

*Highly recommend this condo. Hanalei Bay Villa#23 through VRBO

Monday, June 26, 2017

Holidays in Kauai Day 9-Exploring Poipu and Waimea

Day 9 April 4, 2017  We wanted to explore the southern end of Kauai.  First we headed to Waimea Canyon.

 This girlie keeps me entertained. She's our tour guide and has done a wonderful job of planning what to see and do during our whole vacation.

Time to eat and Mat got his wish to eat at Porky's
 This grilled cheese was unlike any other with shredded pork it was spectacular!

We drove to Poipu beach where Mike and I honeymooned in 1981.  We located the condo where Athena and Mat will move to after we leave. 
 Some things don't change. Remembering Brennecke's from long ago.

This is going to be home for the kids for the next week 
after we leave. 

 We stop off at the car rental in Lihue so the kids can pick up their rental car and we meet back at
 our condo.

One last swim at our beach by the St. Regis hotel

 I love this beach for so many reasons

 Heading home for bbq'd burgers on the lanai and then a walk to the St. Regis overlook for one last spectacular island sunset.


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