Thursday, August 31, 2023

Childhood Summers



I remember summer days as a child. They felt so long and hot. My parents both worked. My grandma lived with us and she would be inside while we played outside all day long. My brother made a skate board out of a plank of wood and old roller skate wheels. I loved to play jacks on the front porch and hop scotch. I drew the squares with chalk and used two Bobbie pins as a lagger or a chain like the one in the photo above, to throw on the squares. We loved to play tether ball but we didn’t have a real ball. We improvised and tied a rope at the top of a tree. For the ball we took a big square cloth and stuffed a lot of rags and tied it to the rope. It worked fine for awhile til we hit it very hard and the cloth opened and all the rags would go flying everywhere . We’d laugh so hard then gather all the rags and make another ball and continue to play. This makes our childhood sound so poor but if you ask my brother he’d say we had the best childhood and I’d agree with him. Ahhh summer you make me smile!

Peace and Tranquiltiy


Blast From My Past


Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Dolled Up


To get “dolled up” definition: Dressed or fixed up smartly and, often, ostentatiously, usually for a special occasion.
I had my 6 month cardiology appointment this week. Mike knows I like this Dr. When I was getting ready for the appointment my hair was kinda flat so I quickly put it in a couple of rollers which I hardly ever do. When Mike saw me he used an expression I use when Sofia and I play spa date. He looked at me and said “oh I see you’re getting “Dolled up” for Dr. Appleby!”

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Age is Irrelevant


 "Age is irrelevant. Ask me

how many sunsets I've

seen, hearts I've loved, 

trip I've taken or 

concerts I've been to.

That's how old I am."-Joelle

Monday, August 28, 2023

Sunday, August 27, 2023

The Gang Down Under Go On Holiday

 Athena sent me these photos of their weekend getaway to the Jenolan Caves in Oberon via Leura in Blue Mountains.  



"Summer (noun)

A carefree, happy season filled with

bright blue skies, long sunny days, sweet fruit,

warm evenings spend outdoors, stargazing nights and 

hours of playtime."

Saturday, August 26, 2023

August Moon


My grandmother was Miyoshi Jingu. She began a movie career in her mid ‘60’s. Every August I think of her role in the movie “Teahouse of the August Moon”. She was the old woman on top of a heavily laden jeep which included a goat! She had many “bit” parts on tv and movies and she enjoyed her time on the sets. Funny story: some time later when her health was fading the paramedics were called to our home. As they were carrying my grandmother on a stretcher to the ambulance she loudly said “Don’t drop me, I’m a movie star!” The paramedics looked at us and we said “she really is!”
Miyoshi Jingu(1893-1969)
Miyoshi Jingu was born on 1 July 1893 in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. She was an actress, known for Dreams of Glass (1970), Schlitz Playhouse (1951) and My Three Sons (1960).

Long Beach Obon

 I thought I had missed all of the annual Japanese summer Obon festivals but we were able to attend todays Obon in Long Beach. I had seen it advertised yesterday on a Facebook group page that I belong to called “Sansei Legacy”. It is a smaller Obon but with such heart and soul. We ate a favorite “chili and rice bowl” and danced the first dance Bon odori Uta. We enjoyed Taiko drumming by two groups and there was an ikebana demonstration plus a great vintage sale of Japanese clothing and vintage Japanese items. Next year I hope to attend dance practices. A really fun day and a meaningful homage to our ancestors.


Wait For Someone



 "Wait for someone

who could be the

moon for you. Just 

as strong, just as



changes and seas

and blooming

flowers and summer nights. 

They'd wait for you in the

dark. They'd dance around

the sun.

They'd receive your primal

howls, your secrets, your dreams

and shifting tides. 

Wait for the moon. 

Wait for nothing less

than what steals your breath."


Friday, August 25, 2023

Julian is Two Months Old

 I'm doing a little comparison. The first photo   is my newest grandson Julian. He turned 2 months yesterday. Next to him in the same outfit is his brother Jude then 2 months old (now 3 yrs.) with the blanket behind him. Picture sleeping is Julian in sleep sack and then Jude. It'll be fun to see the changes and similarities or differences as they get bigger. Last one present day Jude with blue eyes and blond hair.



Jude August 2020


Jude August 2020

Jude 3 years old June 2023

Celebrating Judy's Birthday

Wednesday  morning August 23rd we gathered at Schooner or Later to celebrate Judy's birthday. So many smiles in the sunshine.


                                     Happy Birthday Judy! 


Thursday, August 24, 2023

Celebrating Our 42nd Anniversary

 We had a fun adventure at L’Opera restaurant. We had our favorite drink of summer along with the following dishes: carpaccio Classico, calamari fritti, grilled octopus, grilled lamb chops, and house made ravioli stuffed with butternut squash and ricotta in brown butter sage sauce. Lastly a celebratory tiramisu surprise from our waiter. It was a wonderful, fun evening.  

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