Thursday, January 31, 2019

A Great Perspective

This gave me a chuckle. The other day at the food court in Newport Beach I got a fortune cookie with my lunch. I opened it this morning. The fortune was half right. I'm not a courageous person. It's a trait I admire in others but it's not me. On the other hand I certainly am an optimist! This brings to mind a mini conversation I had the other day with Daniele's brother Marino  I said to him "You know Marino I like you a lot. You're so optimistic. Your glass is always half full!" He responded without missing a beat "You know I'M just happy I have a glass! Some people don't even have that!" Marino this is what I are the ultimate optimist. I always enjoy your company.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Birthday Surprises

On January 4, 2019 I found some birthday surprises on my doorstep from my friend Tracy and my friend Lynda.  Such thoughtful remembrances from nice friends on my birthday.


Tuesday, January 29, 2019

My Birthday Sidekick Best Present Ever

 January 4, 2019 I was able to spend the whole day with my little 3 1/2 year old  grand-daughter Sofia.  We started out with a movie date to see "Mary Poppins".

 then we had lunch at Michael's Pizzeria

 I had the best birthday ever with my little sidekick Sofia.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Dad's Favorite Pie was Apple!

An old remembrance of a mistake I made one year on my dad's birthday.  His favorite pie was Apple. So remembering that he liked pie rather than cake I volunteered to bring the dessert for his party. When I arrived my sister Jocelyn asked me if I got the "Apple pie." I looked at her and said "OMG I bought pecan pie not Apple!" She said "why ?" I said "because I love pecan pie, it's my favorite!" But she said, "Dad loves Apple!" Totally forgot about that being dads fave! I rushed out to get an apple pie. Thank goodness there was a Marie Callendars close by!

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Birthday Celebration "A Special Girl's Night In"

January 11, 2019
My friends Maria, Jo, Karen, Sherri, and Lynda overwhelmed me with a special Girl's Night In to celebrate my birthday. Unforgettable array of appetizers, drinks, special asian food from No. 9 spring and summer rolls, salads, and dipping sauces, fried shrimp and more yummy delights with cake and cookies too. Everyone wore "bling" in my honor but more importantly the room was filled with the light and love they wore in their smiles. I was certainly shown so much love and generosity of thoughtfulness. Thank you to these wonderful friends and a special thank you to Sherri who opened her home to host this party.

 A special thank you to my dear friend Sherri who hosted this fun night and to all my great friends who make life wonderful all through the year.  They are my gifts in life!
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