Sunday, July 29, 2012

Our Surroundings

"We live in a sea of light."

-Henry Plummer, The Poetics of Light

"What you are always looking for is the perfect sunrise or sunset, one that catches you by the throat, leaves you wide-eyed and breathless, tosses you up in the clouds and down again, wraps you all up in wonder and elemental grace, if only for a moment.

One loses count of the mornings and evenings spent in wild places, always looking for that perfect Helios moment and trying to capture it on film or her memory card. Whatever else she forgets (and she forgets so much these days), sunrises and sunsets have a lovely way of lingering, and thus they can be revisited over and over again. One looks back and remembers the light, how it filtered through the clouds and made the sand sparkle on an early winter morning, how it lovingly touched a weathered and forgotten Adirondack chair on the beach, painted a fey and shining highway across the water from here to there. At such times, one is a toddler on the beach again, and the distance between now and then, between these earthly shores and those beyond the fields we know seems like just a few steps.Fluttering through one's photo archive is something else again, and it gives rise to other feelings - all these years of wandering around with a camera looking for the light and nary an adequate visual representation for all one's impassioned ramblings. The sunrises and sunsets are perfect within themselves. The artist has a lot of work to do on herself and her technique - perhaps one of these lifetimes she will get it right."-
Catherine Kerr (c) 2005 - 2012

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