Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Saturday Morning in Los Alamos California

We got up at a reasonable hour after a full night of partying Friday night.  The main dining area was very quiet with only a few early risers.

Palma was up waiting for Federico and Casey ( the two teens) to ready themselves for their trek up to Hearst's Castle.  

Nancy and her husband Bill  were up working on their computers.  

Little "Indie" the house mascot was snuggled in trying to catch a few more winks.

Coffee and orange juice was set up for anyone that wanted a morning pick me up.

 Soon Casey joined us

"Good Morning Brad!"

It was now breakfast time for Mike and me and we headed for
"Charlies" at the end of the Bell street.*  This is a down home family owned place. Very casual where the locals gather for their morning eggs and coffee.  Mike was hoping for some menudo as they have alot of mexican dishes on their menu.  I wanted a simple breakfast burrito and some coffee.  We like it here.

This is Charlie's mom. She oversees the kitchen.  I think she said she was 86 years old.  She's wonderful and there's a news clipping of the beauty pageant she won in 1947 on the wall along with other western memorabilia and momentos.  She was the first beauty queen of Santa Maria.  A truly warm and friendly woman and still quite beautiful.  We enjoyed talking with her again this year.

After breakfast we went for a nice hike at nearby Los Alamos park.

Time to head back and join up with the others as we will start our first wine tour at 12:30.  A very nice start to this Saturday morning.  Off to taste wine...

*Charlies cafe 185 Bell Street Los Alamos, Ca. 
Open 7 days a week

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Anonymous said...

Good lord - you packed in a full day before the wine tasting and the evening festivities!

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