Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Caffe` Italiano in Alhambra, California

There is a hidden tiny new gem of a restaurant in Alhambra California.  It's called Caffe` Italiano.

Located at 7 South Second Street it's situated just off of Main street in the heart of Alhambra. *
The restaurant is tiny and cozy and friendly.  The staff, owners and chef are all from Italy.  Everyone is very friendly and you will feel right at home.  I wanted to go early to get an idea of parking and the nearby neighborhood.  It would be best to make reservations for a weekend evening. There are several tables outside in front which would be perfect for a warm summer evening dinner al fresco.

Daily specials are posted on a chalkboard as you enter the restaurant.  Be sure and check out the lunch specials too. I've heard they are wonderful.

Here I am with the nicest waiter named Francesco. We had so much fun talking about Italy. He is from Calabria in southern Italy.  The owners and many of the staff are from the Italian island of Sardinia.

Francesco/waiter, Francesco/the owner, Paolo/Master Chef, Alicia/lovely server

After looking over the wonderful and varied regular menu we decided to both order the Mother's Day Special menu.  It turned out to be an excellent choice. Here's what we ate:

This was such an amazing dish, "insalata di polpo (octopus) with potatoes, tomatoes in a balsamic vinegar. This dish brought back memories of having seafood dishes on the beach in Sardinia.

This was a lovely dish. Large seashell pasta stuffed with ricotta and spinach. A light and tasty tomato sauce and parmesan finished this wonderful and most satisifying entree.

My husband chose the "torta con cuore al capuccino e panna montata". It was a deep rich chocolate dessert with cream and a chocolate crust.  Very decadent and yummy.

I chose a lovely light tiramisu.  For me a perfect way to finish off such a great meal.

 Hearing about this restaurant from my italian language teacher Luisa was so exciting. She recommended we try it as she is from Sardinia as are the owners of Caffe` Italiano.     I remember having wonderful seafood dishes on the beach in Poetto with my daughter who lived in Sardinia for a year.  It's so great to have this authentic and wonderful restaurant close by.  The flavors of Italy are alive and well in Alhambra.  Dinner left me dreaming of  my days in Sardenia.  You will be transported too!

Poetto beach, Sardenia


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Anna said...

Hi! I just stumbled upon your lovely blog and your description of this restaurant caught my curosity. I am from Sardiia too and recently moved to RPV so I will definitely pay a visit to Caffe Italiano today:-) Thank you!

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