Thursday, May 21, 2015

Champagne and Canvas Date Night

So there is this fun idea that has been happening in various parts of the city.  It involves a venue which hosts "art workshops" for one evening of fun, painting (no art experience necessary).

At some venues food and drinks are a definite possibility. The Boathouse on the Bay (our venue for the night) had a great happy hour menu which students in the workshop could take advantage.   This is what we ordered. Yum Yum (painting, eating and having fun go hand in hand.)

 There is an instructor and everyone is supplied with all they need to finish a canvas painting in about three hours.

Before you sign up you can see options of past samples of the featured paintings and you can choose a particular date that features a painting that you want to duplicate.

 I have seen many offers for this kind of an event.  The quality of the paintings offered depends on the instructor and or group that you choose.
 I chose a group called "Champagne and Canvas"*.
The painting we chose was this:

 I had a previous opportunity to try a workshop with this group and I appreciated many things about this group.  The instructor Patti is wonderful. She creates a relaxed, fun atmosphere and she plays great music to paint by.

 Our instructor Patti.

    Here's my husband, Mike painting a picture for the very first time. He did a great job.

 The venue "Boathouse on the Bay" where the class is held is beautiful.  The classroom looks out onto Alamitos Bay.

 You don't have to worry about having any previous experience painting. With this workshop every student leaves with a unique and beautiful painting that they've created.  It's fun to see everyone leave with their own personal masterpiece.

 Highly recommend Champagne and Canvas for a fun girl's night out
or a special date night.

   I chose to give this to Mike for an early Father's Day Gift.

      I think we both did a great job.

    We had a lot of fun at this workshop. 
       It was a  great night out! 

            "Happy Father's Day"
                to our family's "Michelangelo"!

 For more information on Champagne and Canvas:

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