Sunday, December 6, 2015

Exploring Crystal Cove

 My friends Mitra and Marion and I,  the "tre stagioni" had a field trip to Crystal Cove State Beach. This is what Wikipedia says about the history of this wonderful beach: "Crystal Cove State Park is a State Park of  California, United States, encompassing 3.2 miles  of Pacific coastline, and the Crystal Cove Historic District of beach houses.    The park is located in Newport Beach.  Crystal Cove is a stretch of coastal cliffs and a beachfront cove situated between the Pacific Coast Highway and the Pacific Ocean just north of Laguna Beach.' 

 One of the fun traditions at the restaurant in the Crystal Cove Historic District has its historical roots dating back to the 1940s. “Cove-ite’s”, Crystal Cove residents, led by Doc Shearer, who also was the leader of Los Angeles’s Shriners’ Top Hat Band, would salute the raising of Doc's Martini flag as Doc Shearer played reveille on his trumpet. That historic moment is re-created every day at 5:00 PM and 7:00 PM, by the Beachcomber Restaurant to signal the official start of cocktail hour and the serving of Martini’s.

 Crystal Cove has long been a source of inspiration for plein air painters, a type of landscape painting that originated in France. Early plein air painters documented Orange County’s coastline, and Crystal Cove, in particular, with their paintings. In homage to the movement, one of the cottages at Crystal Cove is called “Painter’s Cottage.” The area continues to attract landscape painters.

Touring the museum featuring photographs of the history of Crystal Cove

 On to lunch at the Beachcomber Cafe right on the sand with a perfect ocean view...

 Lobster sandwich

 Crab Cake sandwich

 Happy Birthday celebration for Marion

 Some fun walks on the beach. This is Fall weather in Southern California

Leaving the beach we cross over the highway and down Pacific Coast to Crystal Cove Shops.  Time to stroll and see the beautiful stores.

 Our destination "Javier's" for margaritas at our favorite spot in Crystal Cove.

 Best Cadillac margaritas
 After this we shopped til we dropped and then we drove home on PCH
and experience the most beautiful sunset over the Pacific Ocean.

 What a wonderful day out with my friends Marion and Mitra. The Tre Stagioni does it again!!!

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