Sunday, March 20, 2016

New Orleans One Year Ago Day 4

On Friday March 20, our 4th day and last full day in New Orleans we had no set plans for the morning.  I walked down to Cafe Du Monde early and got hot beignets for us and brought them back to our hotel.  Mmmm so convenient to have that delightful place so close to us.

Later on mid morning we took a long walk around the neighborhood, strolled Royal street and window shopped at the interesting antique stores and saw some funny signs for apartment rentals.

 Apartment for rent "Haunted"

 Apartment for rent "Not Haunted" 


 Looked at many street vendors

Walked along the Riverfront

Eventually after many miscalculations on my part we found Restaurant August where we had reservations for a 1:00 lunch. 

 Friday lunches are a very special pre fixe lunch menu and the bargain of the century.

 This is a lovely restaurant owned by Chef John Besh. 

We were seated at the best table in the house. Service was superb and the food the best we had in New Orleans. Simple perfect in every way.  Highly recommend restaurant August!

 At restaurant August a welcome starter from the chef eggcup hollowed out and filled with a layer of Parmesan mousse,the a layer of cauliflower mousse , braised cauliflower with sautéed Cajun panko and topped with caviar.

 Crawfish bisque with Armagnac
 Pate d' champagne and marmalades  with toasted brioche

 Slow cooked guinea hen, fresh cheese, cappelletti lemon

 Two desserts followed the meal 

 Steamed chocolate torte, sour cherry and lambic ice cream

 Pineapple, grains of paradise, white chocolate and champagne

 and then another gift from the restaurant to say thank you for visiting August, an exquisite chocolate sea salt caramel and a praline.

 Amazing, Amazing lunch.

 After lunch we decided to walk to the center of the French Quarter, do more window shopping and work our way leisurely to  Hotel Monteleone where we wanted to finally see the famous Carousel Bar.

 The seats around the carousel moves 360 degrees slowly so if you are seated you will be able to see around the room.  Very difficult to get a seat at this hour in the afternoon but as we are very fortunate and lucky girls two seats opened up almost immediately right in front of us. 

 Yayyy! We got perfect seats.


  As the carousel was rotating I spotted someone I knew.  It was my slowtravel friend from the Bay area Ruth Koffman.

When we finished our drinks we stopped by to chat with Ruth. What a small wonderful world it is!

After Hotel Monteleone we head back to our hotel.  Still several hours to rest and relax before our dinner reservations at 8:00 at Muriel's. Fortunately Muriels was just a quick 3 minute walk from our hotel.  

 Cheers to us on our last night in New Orleans!
 What fun we have had together.

The dining experience was true southern comfort. Food was delicious but way too plentiful for us.  We really were full after this meal. A lovely day nonetheless.

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