Sunday, September 30, 2018

Some Childhood Memories

This is a recently published oral history which Mike brought to my attention. Like this Japanese American I too was raised in Boyle Heights (East Los Angeles) though my childhood years were a bit later she speaks of life in the 1940's, 50's and 60's. The latter two decades I was experiencing so many of the same things. We had chickens in our backyard. My grandmother bought fish on Wed. mornings from the fish man she speaks of. A good sunday dinner after church was going to Little Tokyo and having the whole family enjoy chinese food at Far East Cafe. My mother would take our own 8x10 pan to Manuel the owner of El Tepeyac on Evergreen to get our Hollenbeck burritos and Manuel Special. The junkman she speaks of would go by our house and the back alley on his cart pulled by horses (I can't believe in my lifetime I have seen this). He would yell "Junkman, Junkman" as he rode by. HIs cart would be piled with what looked like rags. The store this woman's father owned "Hill top Market" was at the corner on the street where I lived. The owner in the late 1950's were the Kino family. People still put things on "the tab" to pay at the end of the month. We would have a nickel after school somedays to buy a candy. Caesar Chavez Avenue was called "Brooklyn Avenue" when I was growing up. Anyway if you have the time this womans history is a piece of Boyle Heights that I experienced. This was my life, my childhool on many levels.

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