Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Not Just About A Book Club Meeting January 27, 2021


Happy New Year to our book club. To kick off our 6th year of reading we chose "The Vanishing Half" by Britt Bennett.  

We enjoyed this book which focused on the lives of two identical twin sisters and the complicated twists and turns their lives take as they go their separate ways.  It is a book which deals with identity, race, relationships and the withholding of truths.    It is about choices we make, small and large that have huge implications on the outcome of our lives.

We continue to meet by zoom which has been a technology gift during the time of Covid 19.   We are making the best of it and look forward to a time, hopefully soon when we can all meet together in person again. Happy New Year 2021 and happy reading to all of us.




“Reader's Bill of Rights

1. The right to not read

2. The right to skip pages

3. The right to not finish

4. The right to reread

5. The right to read anything

6. The right to escapism

7. The right to read anywhere

8. The right to browse

9. The right to read out loud

10. The right to not defend your tastes”
Daniel  Pennac 

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