Tuesday, June 28, 2022

My Grandson Jude (2 years old) And Lulu


I love keeping track of what Jude is doing. One of his favorite people is his honorary auntie “Lulu” (Louella).  

 The other day she made him Tiger cookies. 

 He also has some cool hamburger shoes! 

 Still in love with his trains “Thomas the train is still popular ! And newest quotes from Jude: 
Mama running late again
Mmm, very gooood baby-cino
Jude with his frothy milk aka Baby-cino.
To the waitress as we’re leaving cafe: “have a beautiful day”
To another child who was climbing onto furniture at music class: “no, no, no” (said whilst wagging his finger 😂)
Even from way down under this lil boy keeps me smiling.

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