Monday, December 29, 2008

A rainy day at Knott's Berry Farm

A good day at Knott's with Aria and Daniele...
Bumper cars are harmless fun ...
Swinging boats are getting a little scary (notice Daniele, Aria and Mike are the only customers)

This is them upside down!

One of the things we did while Aria and Daniele were here was to take them to Knott's Berry Farm. The unfortunate thing was the only day we had free to do this was a rainy day. Despite the weather we had a great time. During one of the drier moments Aria, Daniele and Mike went on one of those crazy upside down, super fast roller coasters. It was Daniele's first time on a coaster ( in italian it is called "montagne russe"). She tried to convince him to go on another one but he said the one experience was "fine". They did manage to convince him to go on one of those giant swinging yi yiii....I stayed on the sidelines and took pictures. We did all the shows, live theater, snoopy skating performances etc. I did go on the log ride and bumper cars...that's about all that I can handle. It was a lot of fun despite the rain.


Anonymous said...

Just last week, Rob and I were talking about Knott's Berry Farm and wondering if it was still open. I am glad to hear it is, I have a lot of fond memories from my very early days.

Sounds like a good adventure, even with the drippy day.

barb cabot said...

I agree Wendy, it's nice that something from our childhood memories still exists. But in many ways it feels quite different. I didn't see that old bench with the prospector on one end and the dancehall girl on the other. I think we have photos posing with them when we were kids. Now there are so many big coaster rides and Camp Snoopy. Still though, there are a few remnants of the "old days"...the train ride and the robbers that come aboard, the panning for gold and of course the fried chicken dinners. Good memories.

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