Wednesday, December 31, 2008

"Oh The Places You'll Go"

"Slowtravellers Unite" Savannah Georgia
Another great party at Palma's desert Slowtrav GTG

Athena's summer in NYC

Angel's stadium, Anaheim California

Athena in London

Cliffs of Mohr, Ireland Athena celebrates her "20th Birthday" September

Athena in Paris

Top of the Duomo on Aria's 24th birthday, February

Firenze: Stefano, Barb, Aria and Daniele "Fancy meeting you HERE!"

We did alot of traveling this year. Sometimes it felt like Grand Central Station with bags packed, making reservations, discovering the "how to maneuvers" of new cities, but all in all it was a year of many adventures.

This is how 2008 stacked up for the us:
January: Recuperate from the holidays and gear up for travel
February: Barb to Italy
March: Re-Opening Ceremony for the Jingu Family Japanese Tea Gardens in Texas
April: Barb's "Slowtravel Get-together" Savannah Georgia
Aria and Daniele to Paris for Easter break
May: Athena to NYC for summer Penguin Publication internship
June: Aria finishes her Fulbright in Sardinia. Off to Rome, Florence and southern Italy
July: Barb to Bay area
August: Everyone's home to celebrate Daniele's 1st visit to California
September: Aria starts graduate school, University of Wisconsin, Athena to Ireland
October: Barb and Mike to Charleston, South Carolina
Palm Desert "Slowtrav" Get-together at Palma and Brad's
November: Cleveland Ohio family visit
Thanksgiving in Las Vegas
December: Athena to Paris
Everyone home for the Holidays!

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Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Barb! Sounds like 2008 was wonderful and filled with exciting travel, that is great!

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