Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Southern Italian Wedding Part 3

The Wedding Day

The morning of the wedding was a hot, sunny day. We were up by 6 a.m. praying that the water problem from the day before throughout the town had been resolved. Fortunately we had water! Yay!

Ready for the big event we arrived as promised at Vita's parents home by 8:30 for the wedding photographs of family members.
A beautifully appointed car was parked in front of the house which was to take the bride to the church.

There was alot of activity outside as well as inside the house. The wedding photographer and the videographer were directing people to come and go , here and there to take family photos.

Flower decorations adorned the front door and a red carpet had been laid out for the bride to exit. Rose petals in a basket awaited the proper time for the children to toss when the bride appeared.

Inside Mike and Savino were keeping themselves busy with Marinos computer.

Families came and went...

A lovely table was set for morning treats.

Rosanna and Domenica (sister of the bride and niece) a sweet mother daughter momentEveryone looked so wonderful!

Rosa, Luciano (one of Vita's 7 brothers) and Domenico

Proud mother of the bride Filomena with her grand-daughter

Family from Riccone

Barb, Aria and Mike the happy guests!

Father of the bride Domenico and son Daniele

Daniele, Mike and Marino

Daniele, Aria and Marino

Setting the scene

The children all so well behaved and adorable.

At last here comes the bride...

Vita looked so beautiful!

Time for a family portrait..mother and father with all nine of their children.

Che bella famiglia!

The Wedding Ceremony...

waiting outside as the guests arrive,

the excitement grows.

Some last minute decorations at the foot of the church steps.

Time to begin the ceremony.

The bride and groom take a trip down the aisle to bring gifts to the altar.

I loved Vita's wedding dress. The fitted jeweled top was so elegant.

Vita and Nicola now husband and wife! Auguri! Congratulations!

As they kiss the crowd cheers and streamers and confetti fly everywhere!

The kids are haivng fun collecting little souvenirs.

This tractor belonging to a neighboring farmer friend has been completely decorated for the wedding. The farmer has placed a table and two chairs, two champagne glasses and chilled bubbly for the newly married couple to have their first toast on the back of the tractor. It was just the most precious and hilarious scene. He also drove his tractor exactly in front of the beautiful lamborghini wedding getaway car.

The bride and groom are happily greeted by the farmer in the orange jumpsuit as the crowd watches on. It was a delightful and memorable first toast!

Now the real getaway car is revealed. The plan is to drive through the town and stop at several bars that have invited the newlyweds for a drink. The couple will make their way to the reception at a hotel just outside of town slowly stopping to greet the bar owners and patrons along the way. This is a place where families have known each other for generations. Everyone knows the bride and groom and their families.

As the couple drives away what follows is a really funny adventure. All the guests quickly pile into their cars and we "follow" them in a long procession of cars through the town, stopping and blocking traffic (honking horns) while they have their drinks at the bars. Finally we will end up at the hotel for the reception. I cannot totally explain the caotic fun this was. A real first for me.

See "A Southern Italian Wedding Part 4" for the wonderful reception which started at 2:00 and ended after midnight!

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