Thursday, September 1, 2011


Elmo's been busy counting the candles on your cake....

We're gonna give you a virtual P-A-R-T-Y!

Woo Hoo! You didn't think a few thousand miles and several continents could stop us, did you?

Look I baked you a cake! Make a wish and blow out your candle!

We'll write your name in the sky with sparklers,

We'll set out a platter of your favorite cookies from katella deli,

We'll shower you with gerber daisies,

They'll be plenty of bubbly on hand to toast your 23 years!

On your birthday I will be wishing you a magnificent day...

I hope you'll catch some perfect waves,

and I hope your heart is filled with the happy colors of the rainbow.

Remember on this day and all through the year that,

Most importantly always

while keeping in mind

I'll be thinking of you all day today.

Happy, Happy 23rd Birthday Athena!

Love, Mom

P. S. Elmo has some peach cream for you too!

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