Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Water Aerobics Ritual

Three times a week I go to a wonderful water aerobics class held near my home at a University campus outdoor pool. It's therapeutic not just for how it helps my body feel but also for the way it invigorates me, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I love the time it takes me to walk to and from the class. I try to take in all that is around me, the way the sky looks, the way the air feels against my body, the little things that change within a day since I've last walked this way-like newly fallen leaves, or the bloom of a new flower. I watch the rhythm of the way the student in front of me is pacing her steps, or the skate boarder who whizzes by me on the way to class. When I'm nearing the pool I'm filled with joy knowing how good the water is going to feel. As summer comes to a close I am hoping I will be just as excited to enter cool waters when the temperature is chilly. Hmm we shall see. I wanted to document my walks to and from the pool so here is what I see:

This is the giant pyramid that houses a huge gymnasium for sporting events as well as many training rooms and classes that are health and sports related. You can see this bright blue pyramid for miles around the University. It's a very unique landmark. I park here and walk to the pool.

I love the tree lined walkways.

I pass Maren Hassingers wire sculpture in front of the University Museum.

I like to study the undulation of the wire forms which almost seem to echo the undulation of the trees and branches nearby.

"Evening shadows" 1993 Maren Hassinger "collection piece Cal State University Long Beach"

This metal bench is another nearby sculpture that I pass . It's a whimsical little piece. It never seems to be lonely even though no one sits on it.

When I'm here I know I am getting very close to the pool! Woohoo!

There are two giant outdoor pools. Our class gets 1/3 of the largest pool and the rest are for students who wish to swim laps.

The pool is especially inviting during the hot summer days.

This foreground section of the pool is where our little class of about 10 students gets to swim.

The hour lesson goes by quickly. I feel renewed, relaxed and so, so happy after this class.

Then it's back toward the pyramid and home I go!

"Water is as much a part of our language as it is a part of our bodies and our planet. In the ancient Sumerian language, the first letter of alphabet, A, was the word for water and also signified regeneration. Water provides us the means to communicate with each other, with ourselves, with our planet and with the cosmos - and to inspire change." -Sara Firman-Pitt, BSc. MPhil., Aquaest Retreat, Ozarks, MO


Unknown said...

Hi Barb! What a beautiful post today! Thank you for the tour (I loved all your photos and your thoughts) and the reminder of that lovely pool - my girls used to swim there and I have many happy memories there - my favorite "spot" are the racquetball courts across from the pool - oh, those were the days!

Anonymous said...

ust that walk alone would make me a hapoy guy! What a lovely way to spend some time . . .

menehune said...

Water is so therapeutic in many ways as you stated. I'm with Jerry - the scenery along your walk would revive my day!

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