Wednesday, June 20, 2012

An Amazing Metro Adventure in Los Angeles Part 1 June 17, 2012

This past sunday was Father's Day.  When I asked my husband Mike what he'd like to do he suggested a travel exploration of Los Angeles using the public transportation "Metro" system.  The following account is all that we did in one day using various lines of the Metro.  As you may know Los Angeles is a big metropolitan city filled with cars and freeways.  We each bought a ticket for all day use on all lines of the metro for $5.00.  You simply can travel the rail lines anywhere they stop.  It was a big adventure and even though I've lived all my life in this city I managed to see and do some things on that day that  I've never done before.  Come along now and see what a $5.00 ticket can buy you in one day.

First we parked our car in Long Beach at the free parking lot of the Metroline nearest our home and caught the "blue line" which starts in Long Beach and ends in downtown L.A.  All aboard.

First stop Pershing Square in downtown Los Angeles

We found all the station stops to be very well kept and clean.
Taking the escalator from the underground subway to street level we saw many incredible buildings.  A striking view of contrasting shapes like a perfectly constructed modern art painting.

Just across the street from the Pershing Square metro stop is the famous Grand Central Market.  All these years I've lived here and I've never gone there until today!

There are clearly marked signs like this one, directing you to local places of interest.

Grand Central Market is a huge indoor center for the sale of produce, ethnic foods and an interesting array of diverse items.

Lots of interesting food to try here but its early in the morning and we've got many places to see.

We venture outside and walk a few blocks to Pershing Square to Historic Downtown..

Our destination was the beautiful historic "Biltmore" Hotel.  This is another first for me as I have always wanted to see this hotel but just never got around to it, until today!

Entrance to the Millenium Biltmore Hotel

The interiors of this stately and historic building are majestic and beautiful.

After exploring many of the different ballrooms and lobbies we need to head back to the metro stop to continue our adventure.  What a lovely hotel.

Just outside the Pershing metro stop and across the street from Grand Central market is the historic landmark "Angels Flight" trolley which takes you up the hill to the street above. This was built in the early 1900's.  I had never been on this before and was so excited to see that it was open now.  Yay...Mike bought us tickets for the ride up the hill.

Fares are $.50 one way but with an all day metro pass we only pay .25 cents.

We shared the ride up the hill with a nice dutch mother and son.  They asked us where we were from and when we said "here" they seemed surprised at how excited I was. I had to explain this was our first time on Angels Flight.  It was great fun to finally be able to say I have done this.

At the top of the hill is the California Plaza water court which is next to the Museum of Contemporary Art.

From this point you are surrounded by very tall majestic buildings in every direction

This is the Walt Disney concert hall, a memorable piece of architecture with jutting angles and made from a very reflective metal.

Time to catch the metro as its now the noon hour and time for lunch.  The adventure has only just begun but I will end this post for now.  Come back tomorrow to see where the metroline takes us.


Marcia said...

What a great idea for a fun day, good idea Mike.

Anonymous said...

Funny how we can live in a spot for years and never explore it properly. Good for you for getting out to some of the spots that you have wanted to see!

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