Thursday, June 14, 2012

Elaine De Kooning

"Style is something I've always tried to avoid. I'm more interested in character. Character comes out of the work. Style is applied or imposed on it." -Elaine De Kooning

Gathering on the roof of the Tanager Gallery, 1956
a.k.a. Elaine De Kooning*, badass, holding court
  via: La flaneuse

Self portrait ,1946

*Elaine de Kooning (March 12, 1918 – February 1, 1989) was an Abstract Expressionist , Figurative Expressionish painter   in the post-World War II   era and editorial associate for Art news magazine.  On December 9, 1943, she married artist Willem de Kooning  , who was a highly influential artist in the Abstract Expressionism  movement.-Wikipedia

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