Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Happy Birthday Celebration

It seems that the occasion of my birthday comes more quickly with each passing year.  The fact is, for me, the days and months which make up a year seem to whiz by ever so fast the older I get.  One very pleasant way for me to mark the passage of these years is to look back on photographs of birthday dinners given to me by my dearest friend Mary and her husband David.  This year again I enjoyed the loveliest evening with family and friends at their home.  Here are some photos which I can add to my collection of birthday celebrations. These were taken last Saturday evening,  January 24, 2015.

The table setting is always lovely

David (our wonderful host), Randy (my brother) and Mike

The two Barbs (me and my sister in law), Our hostess Mary, and my sister Jocelyn

Delicious food abounds

 Mmmm a delicious beautiful cake and so many lovely gifts.  My sister used this perfect authentic vintage op art wrapping paper from the 1960's that my mother had stored away.  Fabulous memory from the past.

It was another lovely birthday celebration. Thanks so much for a wonderful night Mary and David!

My BFF's David and Mary

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Lynda said...

Party girl!!!!! What a beautiful celebration!! You're definitely worth it!!

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