Monday, January 26, 2015

Candi Sosa

We spent a wonderful night at Havania Mania recently.  See yesterday's blogpost for a description of our night.*  My friend Ana's sister, Candi Sosa, performs regularly at Havana Mania. Ana had spoken often about Candi's performances at various venues and I had watched some videos of her performances as well,  which only made me wish even more to hear her in person.  We had talked for two years about how we needed to get together to hear her sister sing and to eat some good Cuban food.  I was thrilled that we finally were able to carve out a night to make this happen.    Candi shared with Ana this cover article featured in the January issue of L.A. Jazz scene.   "Candi Sosa Songs For A Lifetime". This is a very informative and interesting look into the life of Candi,  by Myrna Daniels.  January 2015 L.A. Jazz Scene newspaper.   Here is a short excerpt from that article: 

Candi Sosa Songs For a Lifetime
The author writes: "...She's had a vision about what she wanted to do with her life and she certainly met her goals. When asked about the beginning of her desire to sing and the musicians that had influenced her at an early age she responded, "I  was instantly fascinated with the reach, impact and magic of music, and wanted to imitate them, I had no doubt I would be completely capable of doing so...."  She goes on to say, "...Curiously, I was more interested in songs with deeper meaning, and emotional content, such as Tango "Adios Muchachos" which I sang as a farewell, the night before my departure from Cuba to the United States (Miami) in a small reunion at my grandmother's house in El Vedado in the heart of Havana.... I could see the invisible thru music and lyrics, and I found that magical and fascinating. I was hooked..FOR LIFE!"

An evening at Havana Mania being entertained by the fabulously talented, Candi Sosa.

Fortunately for us all, Candi Sosa has  kept her dream  to sing alive.  It is a real joy to hear her perform.  Here is a link to one of  her performances with the Kevin O'Neal Group. She is singing one of her own compositions: "Aqui Estoy".  Makes me want to get up and dance! Love her music!

This is a very touching piece of footage of  Candi Sosa singing when she was a child. You can feel her passion and her dream to sing in this video.

For more information on Candi Sosa see her official website:

You can hear Candi Sosa perform most weekends at Havana Mania Cuban Restaurant in Redondo Beach:


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