Tuesday, December 5, 2017

A Family Reunion in Sacramento December 2, 2017

 My brother Randy, my sister Jocelyn and I  had long wanted to have a family reunion with my 96 year old auntie Mickey who lives in Sacramento. She is the wife of my dad's late brother George. We were able to make this reunion happen this past weekend.

    We all met at noon at my cousin Richard's home.  It was the first time I met his wife Maureen and their son Ryan.  

 Cousin Karen and her husband Steve

 The cousins together at long last l-r Barb, Karen, Jocelyn, Richard and Randy

 The sister in laws Maureen and Barb

 Looking over Auntie Mickey's family tree she has been working on for years.

The cousins had prepared lots of yummy food for our lunch

 We had so much to talk about and share

 Later we watched some family videos cousin Richard and Karen had made for Auntie Mickey and Uncle George's 50th wedding anniversary.

 Ryan gave a congratulatory speech to his grandparents while impersonating Ross Perot. Hilarious.

 lots of wonderful memories

In the evening Auntie Mickey's grand-daughter Hilary arrived with her two daughters.

 Here is auntie Mickey with her grand-daughter Hilary (top row standing in the middle) and all but one of Mickey's great grandchildren.

 Time for dinner

 and dessert...

 Hilary and her daughters made peach cobbler, chocolate cookies, sticky toffee pudding with whipped cream yummy!

 Portrait of Auntie Mickey and Uncle George and the children and grandchildren.

 What a special reunion this was.  We hope it won't be too long before we can do it all again.
Love you Auntie Mickey!

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