Sunday, November 10, 2019

Swimming At The Y Again After All These Years

The weather has been really warm this last week. The forecast for the week ahead is mid 70's to 80's by the weekend. We've been taking advantage of the weather and our new gym memberships. We just came back from the Lakewood Y where for many many years we had a family membership there. So many summer days spent at the Y pool where both girls learned to swim starting at age 3. Today the Y had been completely modernized and though the pool area has been updated the pool itself felt much the same, so did the jacuzzi and sauna. Mike and I had a nice afternoon there and I was filled with nostalgia remembering holding both girls in the water and coaxing them to kick their feet or hold their breath and put their heads underwater. Life with kids! It all passes you by in such a hurry. Precious times.

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