Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Mr. Fix It

 Mike is Mr. fix it. A couple weeks ago my favorite sunglasses came apart in my purse. In Mikes presence I noted the break. It was the side bar that had lost a pin to hold it to the front lens frame. He made me empty the whole purse out to look for the tiny missing pin but no luck. I just said oh well but he said save the pieces. That was that. Then yesterday on the way to the Asia market he said mind if we stop at that Dollar tree store. I said fine what are you looking for and he said some reading glasses. So he bought them. I thought no more of it. When we got home I was busy cooking and Mike was working on something but I didn’t notice more. A bit later he said “Done your glasses are fixed and also one of mine are repaired.” He had taken the pins from the reading glasses and used the needed pins. A simple fix but honestly I probably really would have never fixed my glasses. Other times the repairs he works are more complicated. I said when he retires he should open up a fix it shop. He loves figuring out how things work.


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