Monday, December 11, 2023

A Party for Jocelyn Hosted by Karen


Last night one of my sisters best friends for over 50 years Karen   hosted a dinner party for 13 people to celebrate my sister Jocelyn's birthday. It was a Greek themed dinner with a wonderful moussaka, green beans in a tomato sauce, and a platter of stuffed grape leaves. The nod to Greece because as 19 year old teens they spent months with open ended tickets, traveling in Europe ending their trip in December on the island of Mykonos with many wild stories to tell. I remember my mother saying I wonder when those girls will get tired of traveling and come home?

 Among the guests were three dear friends they went to Alhambra high school with:  Fred, Wolfie and Tom.      It was an evening filled with much nostalgia, great stories and an outpouring of love for Jocelyn . After dinner we adjourned to watch a video made by Aria who had compiled photographs, video messages from friends and family nationally and internationally. The theme of the video was patterned in a “Taylor Swift” Person of the Year take off! It was filled with hilarious moments, touching tributes, songs, poems and wishes. Needless to say so many heart felt expressions showing Jocelyn how much she is loved. Ended the night with a beautiful and out of this world delicious cake.  








It was a wonderful and very special evening. Thank you to Karen for hosting. Happy Birthday Jocelyn! May the decade ahead be filled with even more magic, good health and wonderful adventures!

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