Saturday, December 16, 2023

Another Helen Story

 I just have to share one more Helen story. Yesterday my sister Jocelyn and her husband Vicente, Mike and I brought lunch to Helen's daughter Jill and her husband Bobby. It was an afternoon where we sat around and reminisced and ate and laughed. The funniest remembrances from this year's 106th birthday gathering were brought up. I have to share a couple of stories. She was bed ridden for the past two years and so we gathered around her at her bedside. Vicente was wearing a bold striped shirt and she looked at him and said "I'm sorry to tell you this but you were wearing that shirt the last time you were here!" 



We all laughed and wondered if she was remembering correctly. We hadn't come for her 104th and 105th bdays because of covid lock down. So the last time was when she turned 103. (see picture of her with a cake). Funny enough Vicente was wearing a sweater not the striped shirt. Just had to check because knowing Helen she could have remembered correctly! Also Vicente had lost some weight and the shorts he was wearing were slipping down. He said "Oh my goodness!" Helen said "What's wrong Vicente?" and he said "My shorts are too big and they're slipping down!" Helen didn't miss a beat and said "Well if I had known that I would have sat up!" That's our Helen. Even at 106 she made us laugh.


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