Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Tavern

There's a great new restaurant in the Brentwood area called "Tavern". If any of you are familiar with "Lucques" in the Melrose area, Tavern is co-owned by the same, famed chef Suzanne Goin. I just received the following email from my sister: "Had a delicious lunch with Annie today at The Tavern in Brentwood. Same owner as Lucques - it was lovely inside and delicious. No tables so we sat at the bar. Annie ordered a drink called "Ginger Rogers" with crushed mint and gin. It was really good."

And this is the review I recently read:

"But find yourself at Tavern, Caroline Styne and Suzanne Goin’s newest venture, and you’ll be the one in the hot seat.
Investigations begin in the larder, a street-front cafe and marketplace serving house-made pain au chocolat and gloriously crusty fresh-baked bread. (Take-out roast chicken, short ribs, charcuterie, and specialty foods — pinecone bud extract, rhododendron honey — make for dangerous red herrings.)
Boozy confessions spill forth in the bar’s arched wingbacks and plush pumpkin-colored banquettes. But it’s the sun-drenched dining room with live olive trees and to-the-manor-born decor that takes perps’ breath away.
Dinner’s on the scene with wild mushroom ragout, grilled lamb with white beans and feta salsa, and duck sausage with pancetta and kumquat marmalade. Breakfast and lunch come next week, when the place will be deluged with locals.
And anyone else who’s got a clue"
Tavern, 11648 San Vicente Boulevard, at Darlingon Avenue, Brentwood (310-806-6464 or


Laurie said...

Oh, yum! I do so miss the cuisine available in California...we used to go to Chez Panisse for my birthday or our anniversary every year...

nancyhol said...

It sounds great, Barb!

Another place for the to-do list!

Annie said...

Sounds wonderful. I've seen Suzanne Goin on TV (on Top Chef maybe?) and would love to try one of her restaurants.

About Old my supermarket, it's not on the spice aisle, it's at the seafood counter. Hope you can find it because it's great stuff!

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