Friday, June 12, 2009

A Tour of Las Vegas Casinos

The Italian way
Since this was Daniele's first trip to Las Vegas we decided to start with a tour of the Italian themed casinos.
We started with the Bellagio (my personal favorite), which is just across the street from "The Paris Hotel".

As you enter the hotel you walk under a beautiful covered drive

passing fountains, you are greeted by valets to park your car and bustling tourists

checking into the hotel at the main lobby.

Looking up you will see an incredible glass blown decorative ceiling created by the artist "Chiluly".

On the opposite side of the lobby you can walk through a lovely seasonal exhibit in the hotel atrium.

This is the current exhibit. Christmas time is especially wonderful here with seasonal flowers and decorations

Just over a connecting bridge from the "Bellagio Hotel" you will enter

"Caesar's Palace"

Here you will find extravagant sculptures,

painted domed ceilings,

replicas of Roman fountains,

and floors of the finest European designer shops against a backdrop of mosaic marble floors and sculptured architecture.

Moving on we went to "The Venetian Hotel" for a touch of Venezia..With a tour of "The Palazzo" next door

Coincidentally, the town that Daniele's family is from is called Palazzo San Gervasio, so I thought this picture
would be a good one for his family.

We loved this whimsical and happy display of umbrellas and raindrops in one of the main lobbys

The gondoliers were singing as they guided their gondolas through the canals at the Venetian Hotel.

You will find many opportunities to buy a "gelato". Who can resist a taste of Italy?

The skies above will change depending on the time of day or night.

The exterior of the Venetian is beautiful emulating details of the Venice architecture.

Then we returned at the end of our tour to see the beautiful fountains at The Bellagio Hotel.
Beginning at noon and every half hour thereafter you will see the waters dance as the music plays.
Appropriately the chosen song for the noon hour was Andrea Bocelli singing
"Time to Say Goodbye"

After this stunning water show we said, "Ciao" to our little Italian tour of the Casinos.


Sandra said...

Barb, it looks like you are all having a grand time. I love seeing all the pictures of the casinos. I have not been to Las Vegas, so it is fun to see your beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing them.

Anne said...

WOW!! I had no idea how elaborate those Vegas hotels are! Incredible details. Thanks for sharing these photos, Barb. I really love those umbrellas too, how whimsical and fun!

menehune said...

Eye candy! Might just do the trick when feeling nostalgic for Italy but can't quite fit it in for time and money? Love the umbrellas. menehune

Annie said...

Wonderful photos - thank you for the tour!

candi said...

Wonderful photos!
Thank you for the tour of my favorite hotels in Vegas. I love the umbrellas in the Venetian!

Palma said...

Fabulous photos of all my favorite Vegas places. Looks like so much fun!

Marcia said...

I cannot even imagine what the Italian BF was thinking when he saw our version of Italy in Las Vegas - amazing perspective. Lovely pictures.

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