Thursday, June 25, 2009

What I'm Wishing

image courtesy of Candi @

May you be blessed

with all good things,

May your joys,

like the stars at night,

be too numerous to count.

image by ashtapot

May your victories be more abundant

than all the grains of sand

on all the beaches

on all the oceans

May lack and struggle

only serve

to make you


And may

beauty, order

and abundance

be your



May every


you choose

lead to

that which is

pure and good

and lovely.

May every doubt and fear

Painting by Suzanne Onodera

Be replaced by a deep, abiding trust

as you observe evidence

of a Higher Power

all around you.

And when there

is only darkness

image by Karen Harvey Cox

and the storms of life

are closing in

image by Mikael Kennedy
May the light

at the core of your being

image courtesy of AnnieNC @


the world

May you always be aware

you are loved beyond measure

and may you be willing

to love unconditionally in return

image by buntekuh's flickr

May you always feel protected

and cradled in the arms of God

like the cherished child you are

Painting by Joel Bedford

And when you are tempted to

judge, may you always be reminded

that we are ALL ONE.

And that every thought you think

reverberates across the Universe

touching everyone and everything

And when you are tempted

may you remember

that love

flows best

when it flows


image courtesy of Annie NC@

and it is

in giving

that we receive

the greatest


May you always

have music image by Dan Bush

and may a rainbow

follow every storm

May gladness wash away

every disappointment

every sorrow

and may love ease every pain

May every wound

bring wisdom

and may every trial

bring triumph

image by Karen Harvey Cox

and with each

passing day

may you live more abundantly

than the day before

May you be blessed

and may others

be blessed by you

This is my heartfelt wish

for you

image courtesy of jdeq@

"May you be blessed"

- all words by Kate Novak

image credits given when possible


Sandra said...

Barb, You always find the most wonderful photos to go with beautiful quotes. This one is right at the top of my favorites. Wow, love your choices for the photos! That is why I always look forward to visiting here.

Holly said...

ahhhhhhhhh...i feel more peaceful and content already!

candi said...

What a most wonderful post,Barb! I love the words and the photos.

Thanks for the beautiful post this morning.

Anonymous said...

Dear Barbara,
This was so uplifting and so beautiful, brought tear to eye. I can always depend on your to give me perspective and love and enlightenment. The best way to start my day is to read and see what you present here.
Love you,

nancyhol said...

Beautiful photos, Barb!

And a wonderful sentiment too!

Thanks for sharing.

Lynda said...

Amazing Barbara how you know what picture to put with each phrase of words...on day when we've heard of so much saddness ....your pictures and words are so comforting and peaceful.... such a gift you have. Love, Lynda

Justabeachkat said...

Absolutely stunning photos!


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