Sunday, February 13, 2011

Slowbowl Saturday Night Dinner

After a very full day of activities, drives to the beach and the countryside for some, shopping in town for others, touring and tasting of great wines for all and a great learning experience making cheese we all return to the cottage for our big potluck dinner.

A perfect time to catch up with old friends.
Brad, Palma, Krista and Steve
Krista, Alan, Mike, Deborah and Bill

Isn't it funny how the kitchen is such a good gathering spot?
Ooooh time for some great food.

Wendy and Rob prepared such beautiful cheese platters

Okay everyone, "Dinners on!"

Slowertravellers know how to party and they sure can cook!

Here's Marta from Seattle and Colleen from the Bay area.

Deborah from St. Louis brought some of her home brewed liquors...Wow were they ever potent and exotic.

Wendy and Sharon brought bags and bags of prizes. The categories ranged from who travelled the furthest to come to this years slowbowl to who is the newest member of slowtravel and on and on. Thank you Wendy and Sharon for all the special gifts you brought.

And then there were the desserts...
Palma's cupcakes that were decorated so beautifully

Rebecca's light as air nutella with cream filled little bites of heaven (that's what I called them)

Earlier in the afternoon Shannon was busy making ice cream. We had "candied bacon ice cream" (that was a first for me), ice cream with absinthe, and mexican chocolate ice cream.

These cookies were to die for. My absolute favorites. Palma made these chocolate sandwich cookies filled with nutella and a touch of sea salt. Oh my...that sweet and salty were a great combo.

Oooh more chocolate and red velvet cupcakes by Palma.

Marcia from Pasadena and Alan and Harriet from Santa Barbara

We had such nice weather that sitting outside was very pleasant.

At evenings end our die hard BlackJack fans once again tried their luck. Wendy and Dave took turns dealing the cards. I have no idea who the big winner was.

We said goodnight to our our slowbowl friends. On Sunday some will stay on at the cottage to visit more wineries, have a picnic,watch the super bowl football game and eat chili, others will meet for brunch at a wonderful Paso Robles restaurant called "The Artisan" and others will take leave for their return home.
It has been another wonderful "Slowbowl" weekend. Great friends, great fun and lots of laughter.
Hope to see you all again next year or sooner!


Anonymous said...

It looks like everyone had a great time - good food, vino, and good friends - old and new - a great combination.

Anonymous said...

It looks like everyone had a great time - good food, vino, and good friends - old and new - a great combination.

barb cabot said...

We missed you Jerry and Paul.

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