Friday, February 11, 2011

So Many Wineries, So Little Time

Paso Robles
Paso Robles Wine Country is the fastest growing wine region in California. With it's rolling hills and leafy vineyards, travelers from all over look to Paso Robles for a quick wine country weekend.

Slowbowl Saturday Morning February 5, 2011 gave us the opportunity to tour some of these wonderful wineries in the area.

Thanks to our slowbowl founder and Skipper, Shannon we were able to have two great private tours of local wineries.

A trolley picked up a group of slowtravellers at the cottage while others met up with the trolley at the vineyards.

What a cute way to tour the beautiful wine country.

Palma and Brad enjoying the ride.

Our first stop: J Lohr Winery
Just in time for our 11:30 tasting tour.

Tracey, Darci, Barb and Eden

Rebecca, Kelley and Palma

Discussing the virtues of different grapes

Taking a breather between wineries. The weather is warm and beautiful.

Gearing up for our 1:30 appointment at the next stop which is
Pear Valley Vineyards

Amazing to drive through the countryside filled with rolling hills covered with grape vines. So many different vineyards along the way.

Roz and Mike

The grounds and tasting rooms of Pear Valley are beautiful
It was nice to wander leisurely around the grounds with all the vast fields surrounding us.

We were given a special guided tour by James, the Pear Valley Wine Maker himself.
He was extremely forthcoming with the how to's of the whole wine making process.

It was so interesting to be behind the scenes amongst all the wine making
machinery and to get a birds eye view of the whole process.

And the best part was carrying around a glass and getting to try different wines
along the way. Woohoo!

David and Wendy

A beautiful tasting room.

After the tour we were able to relax, and eat wonderful goodies. Kim brought us these beautiful platters of cheese and salami

And look at all the home made baked biscotti and cookies that Cindy brought all the way from Alaska! They were wonderful.

What a nice way to spend the day with friends.

Salute Everyone !

With plenty of daylight left we have many choices. Some of the group will go on to visit more local wineries, some will go shopping and still others like myself and Mike are heading back to the cottage where Shannon has arranged a special treat. We are going to attend a "Burrata cheese making class".

Oh and back at the cottage there's still time for a little snooze in the sun!

Darci and Mike
Life is good!

*Would like to give a big shout out of thank yous to my slowbowl photographer friends who shared so generously their photos for this blog. Thank you Palma, Wendy, Rob, Beth, Rebecca, Jane, Marta, Deborah and anyone else I may have gotton photos from.

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