Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tim's Graduation Celebration

On Sunday June 26th, family and friends gathered to celebrate my nephew Tim's college graduation. It was a wonderful time for us to come together to say:

The house was decorated with signs of cheer...

Everyone was ready to party, especially our graduate: TIM

You are now one of the Cal Poly Pomona ALUMNI!


The tables looked so nice in the backyard.

In the kitchen your mom led the helpers in a whirlwind frenzy of amazing food preparation.

Behind the scenes your mom Barb has been working so hard to make this a grand party.

Great job Barb!

Nick was the resident bartender, well lets just say if you step behind the bar the job is yours

Good thing too because the cousins are a demanding group!

What's your pleasure ladies?

Here's Tim's proud dad Randy with Tim's uncle Mike.

The food was pretty amazing.

Tons' of appetizers like guacamole, crab mousse, vege trays with dips, sandwiches, little fried spring rolls with sweet and sour dipping sauces, shrimp cocktails and more...

trays of sushi too.

Hot dogs with all the trimmings were available...

A big pot of chili ready to feed the crowd.

Then there were big trays of glass noodle chow mein,

Hawaiian style chicken wings,

Fried chicken Katsu

Here are some of the endless sides: macaroni and cheese, potato salad, broccoli chopped salad, chinese chicken salad, corn and rice (gotta have our rice).

Lots of good old fashioned family time...cousins Miyoshi and Tim

Aunties Nancy and Ann

Miyo wants to go for a swim but says, "I'm not going in alone!"

Lots of friends gathering poolside.

The Mango Cake was delicious!

Party went into the night and people started to gather for a big group photo of Tim and his friends.

Everyone say "Congrats to Tim!"

Guess the night wouldn't be complete without throwing the guest of honor in the pool

This started a chain reaction and one by one they all went a swimming!

It was a great night and a wonderful celebration for my nephew Tim!

Congratulations on your graduation. The future holds so many bright and wonderful adventures ahead. Here's to many more successes in life!

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menehune said...

Oh to be young again. Hope this feeling of accomplishment follows him whereever he goes. Looks like a great family and friend group!

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