Saturday, May 16, 2020

Purple Haze All Around My Brain!

 So look what arrived in the mail!


 So here’s the purple rain experience. One in the shade and one in the sun. I hope Sofia will like it. It’s My Corona virus cover-up!



 Sofia face-timed me last night before she went to bed to see my hair. You know she's beyond the "Frozen" Elsa stage now and her new infatuation is purple haired "Mal" from the Disney Decendants movie. When she saw my hair she happily said "It's like Mal!" That was my thumbs up! I asked Aria if I should buy Sofia a purple wig for her birthday and Aria quickly said "Please don't, she'll be on to something new soon." So for me purple hair this week and then who knows what's to come. Thank you to all for your kind supportive compliments. I guess I'll do just about anything to make Sofia's day. 

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