Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Sofia Teaches Swimming To Her Students

Everyday I face time with Sofia and we play with her “stuffed animals”. She treats them like her kids. Today she was wearing her water wings and she emptied out the big basket container they get stored in. She told me she was going to give all the kids swimming lessons in the pool (aka basket). First she threw all the kids in the pool. Pictured Below is “Harold” ( now he’s wearing a pink flowered print dress - she tells me he looks soooo cute it it). Then she climbed in the basket but she was standing on so many stuffed animals that she said so loudly “OMG(spelled it out) it’s so crowded in this pool! Some of you are going to have to get out! She entertains me with her long dialogs with her stuffies. Especially if they don’t feel well. “Oh you don’t feel well, come here I’ll take care of you!” I love this age of make believe and as much as I try I sometimes don’t get it right. I asked her if the water in the pool was too cold. And she said” gramma it’s just a make believe pool there’s no water!” “ well I try.

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