Monday, November 7, 2022

Day 3 Cleveland Vacation

In the morning on Monday we took a lovely walk on the banks of Lake Erie and saw a few deer.




After our walk we went shopping at 100 year old Italian deli Galluci’s that Mikes grandmother shopped at. Olives, bread, cappacolla, cheese a picnic lunch. 




A stop at Michaelangelo’s bakery for pepperoni bread,poppyseed roll and cannoli.



After a picnic lunch at a park we drove to the Rittman Ohio Veterans cementary to visit Mike and Rocky’s parents gravesite and my sister in law Mary’s mom and uncle.



After the cemetery visit we were close to Amish country so we took a drive to the famous Lehman's General  store in Kidron. There they sell everything under the sun from candle making kits, to a whole arrange of soda pop to the most delicious homemade fudge.


We returned home bought some billion dollar power ball tickets and munched on all the treats we bought today. Mikes brother Rocky showed me all his latest carvings from “avocado pits” including a pig and elephant ring. He has painted a full circus scene on canvas shoes and amazing leather jackets including a candy bar jacket and a Dali jacket. His artistry is museum quality. I’m so astounded.


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