Thursday, November 10, 2022

Day 6 Cleveland Vacation

 Thursday morning breakfast stop at “Brewnuts” where they sell Donuts and Beer. We opted for Maple Bacon doughnuts (delicious) and coffee. 




Then a hike at beautiful Brandywine Falls 





and after that a morning hike at Beaver Marsh.  



                               After our morning hikes we drove through some small country towns and made a stop for a picnic lunch at the town “Peninsula”. There was a small interesting art academy where they exhibited glass, ceramics, painting and weaving. Various workshops are given there . We toured the glass kilns and weaving rooms. Another shop “Purplebrown Farm store” sold local organic produce, meats and dairy products from local farms. 





After that we drove into Cleveland to see the house and area they filmed the movie “Christmas Story”.


Ended the day with Happy hour at a newish Lakewood food truck park




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