Sunday, June 7, 2009

Something Soothing

"There must be quite a few things
a hot bath won't cure,
but I don't know many
of them."
-Sylvia Plath


Holly said...

yup - if only MY bathroom looked like this!!

Marcia said...

I'm not a bath person, per se, but perhaps if I had this tub, hmmm.

girasoli said...

Ooohhh, how I would love to be in that tub right now. Beautiful bathroom!

barb cabot said...

Hi Marcia, Holly, Girasoli, Yes I agree if only I had this tub too! It's such a pretty bathroom, my dream room someday. I still light candles and sometimes drink champagne in a bubble bath. It's rare but I do when I want to feel totally indulged.

Justabeachkat said...


There's nothing as soothing as a hot bath...with a good book and a glass of wine! Oh my, heaven!


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