Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Newlyweds Tour The Beaches Part 3

 Sunday September 4, 2016

The sun was shining brightly by the time Giovanna and Gianfranco arrived at my home in Long Beach, California.  Marino and I were ready to take the Newlyweds touring. Today we hit the beaches beginning with a walking tour of "the Naples" area of Long Beach.

Next stop Huntington Beach

Driving south on Pacific Coast Highway to "Fashion Island Shopping Center"
Newport Beach

Time to eat breakfast

and write postcards, and shop.

Driving south to Laguna Beach

At the end of the day we drive to Marino's new  home in Claremont.

A nice walking tour of the Scripps Campus where Marino teaches.

Dinner at a local Claremont Village restaurant Il Mattone

It's been a lot of fun touring with the Honeymooners.  Tomorrow they continue their travel adventures in San Diego and onward to Las Vegas, San Francisco and New York.

  Buon Viaggio Gianfranco and Giovanna!

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