Saturday, March 20, 2021

An Injured Bunny

 I know my stories about Sofia might get old for anyone other than me but this girl really cracks me up. Third day of Spring break and she is back in her dads office while he works. So we try to pass the time playing together on FaceTime. Again we are playing Dr. (Sofia) and “Other doctor “ (me). Today we don’t have an injured Mr. Potato head but rather she draws our injured patients. She and I role play the patient parts so now she tells me I’m the injured bunny with a broken ear. 


As The other dr. I tell her the patient doesn’t want to tell me About how the accident happened so she says very authoritatively “Leave it to me I’ll talk to him”. Dr. Sofia to the bunny “I understand you’ve been in an accident.” 


And you won’t talk to the other dr.” Bunny moans loudly. “Well it’s important for us to know your problem so we can help you. Will you talk to me?” Bunny groans and Moans so loud (I’m really hamming it up and we both try to muffle our laughter. She tried again “Can you talk to me?” Bunny continues to moan and Dr. Sofia says “I’ll take that as a NO!” Then we both start to laugh out loud. She then says very seriously “we need to operate! Stat!” (Stat ? Where does she get these things from?)



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