Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Happy 104th Birthday Helen

 I've often spoken of my mom's best friend Helen. Every year we celebrate her birthday. We used to take her out but in recent years we bring food, flowers and a cake to her. She lives with her daughter Jill and her son in law. Covid precautions keep us apart this year. Today Helen turns 104 years old! She still does her jigsaw puzzles daily and watches her Korean Soap operas. Her hearing is poor but her spirits are high. Her memory is still clear though she says "I sometimes forget things!" She has a sparkling sense of humor, loves to laugh and has the sweetest disposition. She received the flowers our family had delivered yesterday with a note that we will celebrate with her as soon as we can. These are photographs of last years celebration of Helen's 103rd birthday. She is like a second mother to my brother Randy, my sister Jocelyn and myself.


We love you. 

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