Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Auntie Mickey's 100th Birthday



September 24th my auntie Mickey (Michiko) Yamadera (she married my dad's late younger brother George) turned 100 years old. I'm so sorry that we were not able to attend her celebration. She lives at the Asian Community Center (ACC) owned Maple Tree Village in Sacramento. She moved to this assisted living center last year after living independently in her own home until age 99. Mickey's daughter, my cousin Karen wrote that the facility put on a very nice celebration for my aunt. She received a note from Disneyland Mickey Mouse wishing her a happy birthday along with a key from the Mayor of Sacramento and many many flowers and treats. The facility made the cupcakes, cookies and cake all from scratch. You should know that my aunt is considered royalty at this place because she has served on the board of directors for the Asian Community Center for decades and was part of the initial outreach group that contacted churches about the center's plans for housing for the elderly. Both she and my uncle George played key roles as volunteers and she served as ACC treasurer for many years and served as craft and bake sales member, and worked the weekly Bingo games for years. They said of her "Mickey could get all kinds of people to do many things they never thought they could do." "If you ever got a call from Mickey you know it's hard to say no." My brother  Randy my sister Jocelyn,  their spouses and myself were able to travel to Sacramento in 2017. Auntie Mickey was 96 then. When I asked her how she spent her time she said she was still very active volunteering. Then she said "I participate in Meals on Wheels." I said "Oh they deliver meals to YOU?" She laughed and said "Oh no I help deliver meals to those elderly that need food.!" Auntie Mickey has always been a doer. " Her whole life is one of perseverance, patience, hopeful optimism and grit." Happy 100th Birthday to my wonderful auntie Mickey!" You are a family treasure.


Uncle George and Auntie Mickey

2018 Ground breaking ceremony for Maple Tree Village

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