Thursday, September 23, 2021

Happy Birthday Mike


Today this little boy has a birthday.  He has always said "I'm lucky. I had a great childhood, a great mom and dad and a wonderful family."
Yesterday after a relaxing afternoon by the bay we stopped at the market to buy berries for the birthday cake I'm making for him. He said he has had a craving for "Ginger Ale". He said "When I was a kid I loved Ginger Ale and  I used to say, 'when I grow up I'm going to drink all the Ginger Ale I want!" Going in to the market I said "Well it's going to be your birthday so it's time to buy some Ginger Ale!" and we DID!
Happy Birthday to my husband Mike! May the year ahead bless your life with all good things, good health and happiness and lots of wonderful adventures.
Pre birthday relaxation yesterday at our favorite spot. We call it "Going to church."  The clouds were amazing.


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