Monday, September 6, 2021

Roger Over and Out

 Play scenario number 2 with Sofia. Gramma I’m the pilot


 and you’re my co-pilot and the passengers are disabled...*


 also Mr. Bean is a passenger 


 and we have to warn the passengers if they see a man with his tongue out and googly eyes they must not sit next to him.



 Okay I say “ copilot to pilot over and Out!” 


Sofia says “you forgot to say Roger. 


It’s Roger over and out!”

Sofia loves to play Dr. For her birthday she received an ambulance which has a siren and it opens up to be a mini examining room and waiting room. I just sent her these figures with varying disabilities. She has always been interested in the students I used to teach. My students were in wheelchairs or walkers and some with leg braces. Some of these figures have hearing aides, white cane for seeing impaired and hearing aides for others. They are various ages which she likes. Today we lined them up in the order they would see the dr. And we discussed what they needed to see the dr for. Sofia loves to hear stories of what we did in my classroom and how the children loved to play with the other children in the playground.


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