Friday, September 24, 2021

Mike's Birthday Sept. 23, 2021

We had a wonderful fun family zoom for Rocco and Mike's birthday. We missed Jude who was napping but we sang to Rocco and to Mike and each one of us had a cake. Rocco's was chocolate, the gang in Australia had a mandarin orange cake and we had a 6 layer custard cake. Thank you one and all who wished Mike a Happy Birthday.   The girls gifted Mike with 2 zoom cooking classes. How perfect for a man that loves to be in the kitchen. For dinner we had take out Bento boxes from a family owned Korean food business. We tried 4 different specialty fried chicken dishes: Korean fried chicken, salt and Pepper, sesame ginger, and honey butter. Our favorites were the salt and pepper and sesame ginger. 


Korean style fried chicken
Honey butter chicken

salt and pepper

Sesame ginger

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